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The following list is what every EnGarde TV customer receives.

1. Live TV Program Guide with over 2700 Live TV Channels.

2. We include Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime Movies, You Tube Red Movies, HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, Epics. No additional charge.

3. All sports Channels and Packages.. over 180 Live Sports channels including all professional and college sports.

4. Also included is our "On Demand" section free of charge to use. Has every movie, every TV series every made from 1926 to now included for free.

5. Free service plan. Have a problem? We will send a technician out the next day to help solve those problems and make sure you are updated to the newest technology. Free of charge.

6 Amazon Alexa Included, built in to our remote control, With Thousands of ways Alexa can be utilized to make things easier and more efficient, and just plain FUN, in your home.

7. Home Automation/Security System monitored by ADT.

8. Peace of mind knowing that we keep your system up to date as technology advances, no additional cost.

Watch What You Want When You Want

There is more quality entertainment on TV than ever before, but choosing the right viewing option can be overwhelming and stressful. Thankfully, EnGarde TV is here to help you find the right entertainment just for you and your family!


As we add new features they will become part of your package


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